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Modification of Support Attorney in Sacramento

In successful divorce cases, the terms for spousal support and child support offer fair compensation. As time passes, reasonable terms can become outdated. You do not know what type of job you will have in three years or how your child’s needs may change. When circumstances render your support order inadequate, you may need to request modification. If you think your child and or spousal support arrangement maybe in need of modification, contact an experienced Boyd Law Sacramento, CA modification of support lawyer to request modification to child and or spousal support on your behalf.

The courts will allow for modification if they see a meaningful change in the wellbeing of the spouse or the child. You may not succeed if you want to modify the terms of support year after year, but the courts do recognize a need for occasional modification to keep the order fair and equal.

Reasons for Changing a Support Order

If your circumstances changed, you need to demonstrate the adjustment was significant. Earning a bonus at the end of the year or getting a small raise may not significantly alter your circumstances, but switching jobs and receiving $100 more or less per paycheck could qualify as a significant amendment.

The state may grant a modification to a support order temporarily or permanently. There are no rules regarding how often you can modify the support order, but you do need to present clear evidence to support your claim each time. For instance, if your child develops asthma and needs ongoing treatment, you cannot simply make a claim. You must show medical evidence including the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan.

You may want to request a modification to a child or spousal support order for the following reasons:

  • The development of new health issues for a parent or child
  • A significant change in income generation
  • The amount of time a child spends with a parent has changed
  • A spouse no longer needs spousal support payments
  • A spouse is not making an effort to become independent

If a couple can agree on support order changes, they can develop a new agreement and provide it to the court. If they cannot come to an agreement, they can try mediation, or one party must ask the court to request a new order. Until the state issues a new order, the old one is legally binding.

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) and Support Modification

As time passes, parents and ex spouses who have gone through a divorce may move to different states or countries. Managing support orders across borders is complex. An attorney who has experience with interstate and international support order modifications can help you create a plan of action for modification.

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, or UIFSA, declares only the state responsible for issuing the order can modify it as long as one individual involved lives in that state. If no one currently lives in the issuing state, the state in which the requesting individual lives will handle the modification request. If they live outside of the country, trying to modify a support order becomes even more complex. The United States currently has child support arrangements in 26 foreign countries.

Sacramento, CA Support Modification Attorneys

The Sacramento modification of support lawyers at Boyd Law have extensive experience working with families and divorcees to achieve fair support order modifications. We understand this process for those who need support and those paying and will work quickly and tirelessly to update your situation in a way that makes sense.

Until the state approves a modification or new court order, the original contract binds supported and supporting individuals. Our Boyd Law family lawyers in Sacramento, CA have been successfully handling all different types of support modification cases throughout the state of California for many years. Let us know what is going on, and we will help you start the modification process. Do not wait around with the expectation that your circumstances are only temporary. A provisional or permanent modification can significantly improve your cash flow and quality of life. Contact our Sacramento office today for a free case evaluation.