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Hiring a Business Law Attorney in Sacramento, CA

Hiring an experienced Sacramento, CA business attorney is as crucial as having an accountant. Whether your enterprise is in the start-up phase or has been around for decades, consult with a Sacramento business litigation attorney. Consider the following before you begin your search for qualified legal counsel:

Size of Firm

Larger firms generally have higher hourly rates, but when you consider the advantages of working with such a team, cost should not be the deciding factor. Many Sacramento, CA business lawyers specialize in one area of law, but working with a larger team of attorneys gives you the benefit of a variety of specialized expertise under one roof.

Furthermore, they may have more local, state, or national clout in addition to connections to industry specialists and authorities that may prove invaluable to your case. For example, if you are in the middle of a legal entanglement, sending a letter from a well-known law firm with multiple locations is more intimidating than one from a small operation that may not practice in the defendant’s state.

Areas of Specialization

Look for a Sacramento business law attorney or firm specializing in what your business requires. For example:

  • Contracts. Most companies need an Sacramento business contracts attorney to prepare and review standard contracts used with suppliers, customers, and clients. You also want a legal team to review contracts presented to you. Business norms vary greatly from field to field, so look for a specialist who has experience in your industry and can quickly understand your company.
  • Licenses and taxes. Even though your accountant will do your tax preparations each year, a Sacramento corporate formation attorney will register your company for state and federal tax ID numbers. He or she can also advise you on tax consequences and benefits specific to your enterprise.
  • Intellectual property. If your business is involved in any type of product or content creation, such as media or design, work with a breach of contract lawyer in Sacramento, CA to register services or products for copyright protection and federal trademarking.


In addition to finding a law firm that specializes in the right areas, seek a Sacramento business attorney based on the following qualifications:

  • Experience and reputation. How many years of experience does the business law attorney or law firm in Sacramento have? What reputation do they have in your community? Speak to co-workers and other companies you partner or do business with, and ask for their recommendations. Contact your local bar association, and ask about the firm you are considering. The American Bar Association is another place to research information on a potential attorney.
  • Teaching philosophy. Is your Sacramento business lawyer willing to educate you and your employees on legal matters central to your business? He or she should be able to explain the law simply enough so you can understand how it affects your daily business. This can help your team spot red flags before they become serious problems. Many attorneys share recent developments in law with clients via newsletters as a form of continued education.
  • Connections. Firms cannot specialize in every area of business law or be fluent with the workings of every industry. They should, however, have working relationships with other law professionals that will provide them the pertinent information needed to understand your business fully. This is especially important for companies specializing in a niche market.

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