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Benefits of Mediation

Not every family law matter needs to go to court. Even in situations where high conflict exists, a mediator can provide the necessary tools to resolve the most difficult issues involving divorce, legal separation, child custody and child visitation. Instead of placing important decisions about your future into the hands of the Court, which may not satisfy either party, mediation puts the parties in control of their future.

Benefits of mediation include:

• More cost-effective than litigation
• Agreements are made without going to court
• Maintains Confidentiality
• The mediation process is typically faster than litigation
• Parties are the primary decision makers

Mediation is a wholly voluntary process, both parties must agree to mediation.

At Boyd Law, we assist clients in successfully mediating:

• Divorce
• Same-Sex Divorce
• Premarital and Postnuptial agreements
• Child Support
• Child Custody & Visitation
• Property Division
• Spousal Support

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