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Sacramento Law Enforcement Divorce Lawyer

Divorces in Sacramento, CA happen with married couples of any profession, and law enforcement is no exception. Sacramento law enforcement officers may have questions about divorce proceedings, or individuals considering a career in law enforcement may wonder how the job might affect their personal lives. There are some widespread misconceptions and myths surrounding law enforcement, and it’s important to know the facts if you’re facing a divorce, legal separation, annulment, considering marriage, or thinking about a law enforcement career. An experienced and successful Sacramento law enforcement divorce attorney can help you figure out what is fact and what is fiction regarding law enforcement divorces in the city of Sacramento.

Our Boyd Law office in Sacramento, CA is committed to comprehensive legal counsel in any type of case, and we’ve compiled some useful information concerning Sacramento law enforcement divorces. Consider the following information if you have concerns about California divorce law and how it pertains to law enforcement officers. If a divorce is in your immediate future, keep our firm in mind; we have discounted rates for Sacramento law enforcement personnel.

Facts vs. Myths

One of the most common stereotypes about careers in law enforcement is that the field has a higher than average divorce rate. Law enforcement officers contend with a markedly higher degree of stress compared to other professions, and some think this may cause issues in their personal lives. The type of stress law enforcement encounters is quite different from standard job stressors. Police are frequently subject to gruesome and dangerous scenarios that can have a profound effect on mental health.

Law enforcement is also notorious for difficult hours. Sacramento law enforcement officers frequently have to deal with inconsistent schedules, overtime, and shifts that may conflict with their spouses’, leaving little room for quality time at home. Considering these factors, it may surprise you to learn that law enforcement divorce rates are actually lower than the national average. A married law enforcement officer has just as much opportunity for a long-lasting, healthy marriage as anyone else with love, honesty, willingness to compromise, engage in conflict resolution, and open communication.

However, sometimes couples cannot settle their differences, or they may decide that, despite their regard of each other, they can no longer live together. Although largely similar to any other divorce proceeding, one of the most important differences for divorcing law enforcement officers is police pensions.

The law typically considers pensions and retirement accounts that an officer grew or earned over the course of a marriage as joint property of both spouses. The state divorce court will make the final ruling as to how a pension and other assets and property will be divided, but the result usually mirrors how the rest of the assets are split between parties.

Understand Your Rights

Law enforcement officers already have to deal with an exorbitant amount of stress on a daily basis in their work, and divorce proceedings can compound that stress exponentially. If you’re a Sacramento law enforcement officer facing a divorce, consult an experienced and reliable Sacramento law enforcement divorce attorney.

Boyd Law is one of the most established and respected law firms in the State of California, and our team is a full-service legal establishment capable of handling any type of issue. We are not a small firm with one or two dedicated practice areas. If you’re facing a divorce in Sacramento, we can handle the legal end of custody disputes, asset protection, pension division, child support, alimony, and all other legal issues you will encounter during the divorce process.

Get in touch with our Boyd Law Sacramento, CA family lawyers if you have any questions about California divorce laws. We respect the difficult tasks our law enforcement faces, and we aim to make their divorce as seamless as possible. For that reason, Sacramento law enforcement officers will receive a discount on legal services from Boyd Law for all of their proceedings. Call our Sacramento location at (916) 840-2050 to schedule a consultation or visit us online for more information.