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Divorce is a stressful time in a couple’s life. Marriage begins with the expectation that the relationship will last a lifetime, and divorce represents the end of that dream. The process is not only difficult for personal reasons but can also strain an individual or family’s resources to the breaking point. If you are going through a divorce in the Rocklin, California area, the attorneys at Boyd Law offer both experience and compassion to your family law case. Contact us today to help you navigate your divorce.

Recent years have seen divorce rates decreasing from a 20-year peak in 2002, but they have increased in the last two years. Whether you are the only one you know divorcing, or you are one of many, the process is different for each individual. Divorcing couples deserve an empathetic ear during what is often a lengthy process, as well as someone with experience in California family law to guide them through the complicated legal world of divorce law.

There is no shame in a marriage dissolution, though it may invoke feelings of fear, anxiety, and sadness. The end of a marriage can be troubling, but, when you have someone you trust by your side, the process can be much less difficult

Divorce Consultations for Your Situation

The divorce lawyers at Boyd Law combine years of experience in divorce law with compassion. Our team of Rocklin divorce attorneys at our law offices are committed to helping you through this trying time, assisting you as you gather information and evidence, and will ultimately make either mediation or a trial less difficult. We believe in communicating with our clients throughout the process, so that you can make decisions clearly and with knowledge of what those decisions mean.

Our team of experienced, considerate attorneys is well-prepared to handle your divorce case in any number of unique situations. Just as every marriage is unique, every divorce is as well. The attorneys of Boyd Law are experienced in all manner of marriage dissolution cases involving:

  • High-profile divorce cases
  • Same-sex divorce
  • Annulment
  • Child support

With all the moving pieces in the courtroom, it is difficult for divorcees to negotiate the appropriate settlement for their particular needs and situation. Whether amicable or hostile, divorce as a legal matter is complicated. You deserve experienced legal representation who understands the nature of divorce law and can help you come to the best possible settlement package for your specific legal separation or divorce case.

Do I Have to Go to Court for a Divorce in California?

It is possible to avoid going to court during your divorce in California. Not all marriages end with messy or involve legal battles. Most divorce cases resolve quietly, with settlements agreed upon by both parties. Your ability to settle, however, depends on how well you and your spouse can work together on the terms of separation. You do not have to meet alone with your spouse. Hiring a Rocklin divorce lawyer from Boyd Law can facilitate easier communications with your spouse and his or her attorney. You may be able to work out a settlement with assistance from legal representatives.

If you can manage an uncontested divorce with your spouse, you can avoid going to court. You and your spouse can work out a settlement agreement that a judge.

will sign off on rather than going to trial. A settlement will outline how you plan to divide your property, handle parenting time and work out other issues. Otherwise, you will have a contested divorce case that has to go to court. In a contested divorce, you or your spouse do not agree to the proposed terms of the divorce, meaning you will both have to appear at trial to put the case before a judge.

Alternatives to Going to Court

Some couples can work out the issues involved in a divorce alone, without assistance from lawyers or mediators. Others, however, need guidance from unbiased and experienced professionals. Luckily, there are a few alternatives you and your spouse can try before resorting to going to court for a divorce. Mediation is one type of alternative dispute resolution that involves you, your spouse, your respective attorneys (if desired) and a mediator.

A mediator is a trained professional – often a retired judge, licensed attorney or divorce expert – who will meet with you and your spouse to discuss the terms of the separation. The mediator will listen and make suggestions to help facilitate a settlement. The goal of mediation is to communicate more easily with your spouse and put the terms into a written agreement. The mediator will not have the power to decide the outcome of the case for you. If mediation fails, you could also try a collaborative divorce process or arbitration. Discuss all your options with an attorney from Boyd Law before taking your case to court.

What to Expect During a Divorce Case in Rocklin?

To initiate a divorce proceeding, you or your spouse will have to file a Petition for Divorce with the court in the county where you live. You must have been living in California for at least six months and in the county where you file for the past three. Fill out the form completely. You do not have to list a reason as cause other than irreconcilable differences. California is a no-fault state, meaning you do not have to prove fault for the courts to grant you a divorce.

Once you file the petition with the court clerk, someone will need to serve the papers on your spouse. He or she will then have 30 days to respond. You may ask for temporary orders, such as temporary spousal maintenance or protective orders, during this time. If your spouse responds with an agreement to your terms, a judge may grant you an uncontested divorce without further negotiations. The same is true if your spouse does not respond at all.

If your spouse challenges the terms, you will both need to negotiate to reach a settlement, such as through mediation, or else go to trial to resolve the case. Successful resolutions help alleviate stress  The rest of your divorce will depend on your goals and the details of your marriage. It will take at least six months to get a divorce with California’s mandatory waiting period. Working with a Rocklin divorce lawyer from Boyd Law, however, can help you achieve the most efficient divorce process possible.

Find Legal Help with Boyd Law

Our team of family law and divorce attorneys are determined to match your case with the outcome that best suits the needs and requirements under California law. The family law attorneys at Boyd’s Law can advise you in cases involving child support and alimony. Though the process isn’t always clear, we will make sure you know what steps to take that are in your best interests. We are here to assist you in navigating the emotionally taxing process of spousal support, asset identification, and child custody. No matter the challenges of your divorce, we are here to guide you through every step and bring you through to the other side of the proceedings. 

Divorce raises important questions that affect every aspect of a person’s life. From finances to family, the end of a marriage creates uncertainty. The tax ramifications of divorce, for example, are difficult to interpret without expert guidance. Divorce settlements may result, for example, in funds which may affect tax liability. Having an experienced lawyer on hand means avoiding unnecessary tax surprises once the settlement is complete.

Rocklin California Divorce Attorneys

At our law offices, our Rocklin divorce lawyers understand that this process is an emotionally difficult process at best. Our goal is to provide you with compassionate, expert guidance as you navigate the waters of divorce law. If you are going through a divorce in Rocklin, Placer County,or the greater Sacramento area, then contact the lawyers at Boyd Law and set up a free consultation.