Can I Join a Dating App While My Divorce Is Pending?

A divorce is a chance for a fresh start. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy a clean slate with someone else. With the number of online dating sites and apps available today, finding the right match can be more convenient than ever. You might want to wait to download Tinder, Hinge or Bumble, however, until a judge in Sacramento has finalized your divorce.

Using a dating app could potentially complicate a pending divorce. If you do not want to wait until the end of a long, drawn-out divorce case to start dating again, however, you can learn how to use dating apps in a way that can minimize the potential impact to your case – especially if you have children. You should not have stay single during your divorce if you proceed with caution.

California’s No-Fault Divorce Rules


Some states consider fault when ruling on divorce cases. California is not one of them. The courts will not take fault for the divorce into account when deciding things such as child custody, property division or spousal support. The no-fault law could help you if you wish to start dating while your divorce is still pending.

Your ex-spouse cannot use the fact that you are dating as evidence against you, to prove your fault for the divorce. For example, he or she cannot use your current love life as proof of adultery. This will not make a difference in terms of property division or alimony. State laws will determine these factors, making your personal life irrelevant. Dating before a divorce could, however, impact child custody.

Dating Apps and Child Custody


The one major area in your divorce case downloading a dating app might impact is child custody. During a custody battle in a divorce, the judge will decide based on what is in the child’s best interests. Your spouse could potentially use the fact that you are dating against you in a custody fight. Bringing home strangers, for example, could be a valid argument against giving you primary custody. A judge may agree it is not in your child’s best interests to be around a new love interest.

The information you post on dating apps and websites is public. Even if you are not introducing your child to the people you date, joining an app or dating site could stall your divorce. Your ex-spouse may use your profile information against you, printing it out to show a judge. Even if the judge ultimately does not use a dating profile against you, it could stall the process and extend the time it will take to finalize your divorce.

How to Date Safely During a Divorce

If you wish to move on with someone new while your divorce is still pending, do so wisely. Consider dating the old-fashioned way rather than putting your information on a public profile. That can avoid giving your spouse direct proof to use against you. If you do join a dating app, make sure it will not adversely affect your child. This could lead to issues with a custody arrangement.

Do not try to online date undercover using a fake name or false information. If you still use your actual photograph, this will be enough proof of your real identity. In that case, the fake information could be something your ex-spouse uses against you to damage your credibility in court. Using fake information may not be enough to protect you from negative repercussions of online dating.

Try to communicate openly and honestly with your ex about wanting to move on. Being upfront about your love life could prevent your ex-spouse from wanting revenge in the form of forestalling the divorce. If you have a very complicated divorce case, it may be in your best interest to put your dating life on hold until the state has finalized the split.